Sunday, February 18, 2018
House League

    IMPORTANT:  RULES –please read

    2017 Parkway Valley House League:   (Wednesdays) May 10 to August 30, 2017

    Note:  you will not be placed on a house league team until your membership is paid in full.

    The playing time is one hour including a 5 minute warm-up and the games will start at 7.30PM and 8.30PM. Please be at the courts at least five minutes before your game starts.

    Eight players on each team compete in:
    a)   (1) Ladies Doubles
    b)   (3) Men’s Doubles
    Note:  above format may change subject to ratio of women & men

    Scoring ◦ All games are counted as won/lost for match results

    Win: 3 points
    Tie: 2 points
    Loss: 1 point
    Default: 0 points

    The duties of the Captain of each team will be to:

    • Select a team each week consisting of men's doubles and ladies doubles, making sure that all team members have equal playing time.
    • Make sure all players have a schedule showing what date and time they will be playing.
    • Ensure all team members or their substitutes are available for each game
    • Ensure that substitutes are of the same playing level.
    • List team members for each game on the Match Results form, upon arrival at courts, and record the results on same sheet after the game and leave completed sheet at the desk.

            If any questions arise consult the convener (Bunty Phillips).

    Your team captain will contact you and ask for your vacation schedule and any other planned absences.  Based on your availability the captain will draw up a playing schedule for everyone. 
    After the schedule has been issued, if you cannot play your match any week it is your responsibility and NOT the responsibility of your Team Captain or the House League convener to organize a substitute.  Please see below info regarding substitutes.

    As stated above, if you are not able to play a particular week it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement.   You must notify your team captain prior to the match with as early as possible with the name of the sub.
    This year everyone will receive a list of all 4 teams listing every house league player, with complete contact information.  Note that the grading (level of play) shown for each player is geared to house league play only and is just a rough guide to assist you in choosing a suitable sub.  We prefer that you choose a substitute similar to your own play level, i.e. A, B or C. 

    1. Try to get someone from your own team, not scheduled to play, who is around the same level.
    2. Get someone from the sub list that is of a similar level. 
    3. Additional subs will be added as they become available.
    4. Contact someone from another team that is playing immediately before or after your team.  Maybe they   won’t mind playing 2 hours.
    5. Your first priority is to use a house league player but if you are absolutely stuck, you may sub with any Club member who is of a similar level.
    6. Please be considerate and don’t cancel at the last minute and expect someone else to get a sub for you – a lot of people, including the captains, work or have other commitments.
    7. As an absolute last resort, if you are still stuck, you can have your team captain contact the house league convener, Bunty Phillips at who will assist in finding a sub.









7.30  pm

8.30 pm
















Clubhouse:  416-391-3962

Bunty Phillips: (Acting Convenor)

2 Men’s Doubles
1 Mixed Doubles
1 Ladies Doubles


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